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Dominos on their long side going backwards in a triangle Strategic Leadership - Enhance is a Course

Strategic Leadership - Enhance

Started Dec 3, 2020

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Full course description

Who is this course for?

The Strategic Leadership in Learning & Teaching Program is for people looking to enhance their leadership skills in order to move into new roles.

Enhance is the first of three courses and is designed to support your leadership development through the three levels; Enhance, Enrich and Expand.

Enhance is for staff in school level roles such as Course Coordinators or experienced Unit Coordinators who are thinking of stepping onto a leadership pathway.

Program Overview

Enhance has three modules which which you need to complete in order to progress and complete the course.

Module 1: What is Leadership?

In this first module you will develop an understanding of leadership in learning and teaching. You will engage with your personal experience of leadership and the types of roles leaders can adopt.

Module 2: Leadership Paradigms

Module two is where you will learn about leadership paradigms and integrate leadership principles into your practice. You will look at leadership in the context of Higher Education and how it influences leadership.

Module 3: Leadership Identity

In the final module you'll focus on pulling it all together. You will consider how to integrate your learnings from the course with your own leadership style.

Once you have completed all three modules you will receive a certificate of completion.